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Drive Business Value: Use Cases

Application Portfolio Rationalization
Manage and score applications to highlight solutions that deliver value and identify retirement candidates
  • Enable Business and IT Alignment
  • Score Portfolio by Business Value
  • Identify and Manage Technical Debt
  • Manage Application Architecture
  • Support Portfolio Rationalization
Technology End Of Life Analysis
Identify technologies reaching the end of the line and ensure advance planning for critical business upgrades
  • Support Lifecycle Planning (EOL)
  • Identify Common Technologies & Standards
  • Manage Technology Architecture
  • Provide Business with Technology Alternatives
  • Drive Strategic Technology Consolidation
Business Capability Management
Drive strategic value by managing capabilities to optimize resources and support key decision-makers
  • Manage Enterprise Capabilities
  • Deliver Business Cockpits / Heatmaps
  • Identify Business and Technology Gaps
  • Support Key Executive Strategic Decisions
  • Develop Business Roadmaps
Cloud Migration & Planning
Deliver executive dashboards to support analysis and planning of on-premise, hybrid and cloud solutions
  • Enable Cloud Migration Dashboard
  • Manage Key Transformation Indicators
  • Deliver Cloud Eligibility Analysis
  • Support Transition Planning
Security and Technology Risk
Ensure core technology portfolio alignment with current operational demands including access and vendor risks
  • View Security Access Types across Portfolio
  • Track Employee / Contractor / Vendor Risk
  • Deliver Business Continuity Dashboards
    • Manage Portfolio Risk Scoring