CAST Analytics

CAST Highlight consolidates Software Intelligence to track hidden risks in your custom & open source software using non-intrusive analytics. This critical information is seamlessly integrated with VEA360 to enable deeper software analysis.
Cloud Migration
  • Application Health & Quality
  • Key Metrics & Analytics
  • Prioritize Cloud Migration Candidates based on Technical & Business Impacts
  • Identify and Fix the Roadblocks that MAY slow down your migration
  • Identify PaaS boosters to leverage Cloud's intelligence
Software Vulnerability and Compliance
  • Software Vulnerabilities (CVEs) and Threat Detection
  • Open Source Compliance Risks
  • Third Party IP Risk
  • Detect Security Vulnerabilities in your third-party software and find the best plan to secure your own applications
  • Track compliance of your applications to your OSS license policy across your entire portfolio
  • Spot frameworks and libraries you should upgrade to reduce risk and stay current

Use Cases

Software Composition Analysis (SCA)

  • Check Third-Party Vulnerabilities
  • Control Open Source License Requirements
  • Reduce Technology Obsolescence

Intercept Software Flaws -

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